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Your team needs to be agile, trusting, creative, and dedicated.

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What we do

The Present Moment trains organizations in all fields to work collaboratively, build trust and communication, and enhance creativity.

We specialize in employee on-boarding, integrating new management teams, team-building experiences, and soft skills training- including public speaking, active listening, and creative problem solving.

Who we are

Our team consists of experienced corporate trainers, coaches, performers, and teachers from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.  Since 2013, we have been working with businesses, non-profits, and schools providing workshops, interactive games, and multi-day intensives. Our faculty is bilingual and our training is available in English, Spanish, or mixed language.

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Our services are entirely bespoke. We use the model of 'backwards planning'- starting with your organization's goals, and working backwards to what exercises and activities are best suited to accomplish your objectives. 

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You can create a custom experience for your group, or choose one of our standard workshops below

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Power Your Public Speaking

Do you ever get nervous in an interview? Start to sweat while giving a presentation? In this four-session course, you will learn the key to confidence – control. You will learn techniques to control your body, your breathing, and your state of mind, allowing you to smoothly express yourself, listen to others, meet new clients, make presentations, and speak publicly. You will be better equipped to sell both yourself and your product, and exceed your expectations.

Spark It!

Whether or not your work in a creative field, there is always pressure to invent, innovate, or reorganize the way you work. It’s not easy to do, especially with competition, deadlines, and the bottom line looming. In this four-session course, you will learn how to activate the creative centers of your brain, how to create as an individual or as a team, and have a lot of fun in the process. Silence the inner critic and let your natural creativity and intelligence flow.

Your Team Environment

Are there whispers in the corridors? Is gossip taking over lunch breaks and is there a general bad mood in the office? We have a solution. In these monthly group trainings, we minimise negative energy and language and get your team working together in a stable and consistent manner. We help iron out kinks in the chain of communication and make sure that there is a flow in both directions in the office where people feel respected and want to work hard. Deadlines will be met and the more integrated team will not be wasting time and energy on office politics.

Confident Communication

Are you full of ideas but don’t know how to get your point across? Do you get tongue- tied when senior staff is nearby then replay the scenario 100 times when you go home? In this ongoing training those sweaty palms and nervousness will be gone and gone for good. You will be able to express your opinions clearly and concisely, you will be ready to give presentations to any number of people and have them all listen to every word you say. We can give you the tricks of the trade to stand tall, be listened to, and most importantly; not forgotten.

Problem Solving

Are you ever stuck in a rut in work and want to get around a problem but can’t seem to find a way to get there? Do you and your colleagues not see eye to eye? We have all been there but as they say; a problem a problem halved. In this workshop, we will work on how to see problems from another angle, thinking on your feet in tricky situations, how to overcome obstacles with ease, how to communicate with your fellow co-workers and how to think outside the box when it feels like you have nowhere to turn.

Your Custom Workshop

Every team is different, and The Present Moment can create the experiences your group needs around themes like Agreement, Acceptance, Team Building, Listening, Creativity, Presentation Skills, Focus Sharing, Non-Violent Communication, Role Play Scenarios, or just a fun treat for your team members to enjoy each other and build community.

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